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Mindful Mummies & Me Group

Are you looking for a mum's group that’s a little different?

Starting: Wednesday 31st January @ 9:30am for 8 weeks, you and your little one can take an hour out to learn some mindfulness techniques and hang out with some other likeminded mums. 

Located in Doolandella for kids under 5 years, 

I’m trialing a PILOT Mums Group where each week we’ll discover a different Mindfulness technique through play your little one.

Mindfulness is a great way to improve your mental and physical well-being as well as reduce stress and anxiety. With this being the case, why would we not want to start teaching our little one’s these skills as soon as possible?

Each week we’ll learn, through play, a new technique or skill that will:

  • teach your little one how to identify and name their emotions - allowing them to improve their emotional regulation

  • improve their focus and concentration

  • deep-breathing techniques which will help with sleep, relaxation, stress and anxiety

There are so many benefits and skills to learn, both for mums and little one’s.

As this is a PILOT program I am offering it at a heavily discounted price - $80 for the 8 weeks! That’s $10/week. 


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How do I save my spot?!?

Places are limited, there are only 5 per class.


I am hoping to add more classes as places fill. This Group will run three times a year, between school holidays for 10 weeks. 

You can book in directly by

clicking here: 

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