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My Story

Bec Jenkins

​​Hi, I’m Bec. I’m a mum of two girls and on a journey to rediscover my inner goddess. Along this path
I’ve discovered that I am deeply passionate about empowering women, especially mothers with
young children, to cut the BS and gain clarity in their lives so they can find their calm.

My superpower has always been listening to people and offering a safe place to ask questions,
sharing my knowledge to help someone, explore their options and be themselves. Coaching and
Reiki have empowered me to find my something more and use it to help others find their clarity and

Being a mother can be an isolating job, when your children are young it can be especially challenging
to regain your identity without the dreaded ‘mum guilt’. That’s where I come in, with over 20 years’
experience working in early childhood and now raising my own children I’m here to listen. My dream
is to build a community of women where it’s safe to ask questions, vent and find yourself again with
likeminded women.

I love what I do. There are days though when finding that balance is hard and dealing with the ‘mum
guilt’ flare ups takes conscious effort, but I’ve found strategies that work and love sharing them with
my clients and celebrating their success and empowerment. I’m a big believer in learning something
new every day and that knowledge is meant to be shared, so – how can I help you find your clarity
and calm?

"A strong woman looks a challenge in the eye and gives it a wink."
- Gina Carey


To empower mothers to develop their skills of resilience, communicate in a calm and confident way with their children and regain clarity of who they are and what they want.


To build a community of empowered women working together to support each other and create a calm place for mothers and children. 

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